Window To The Abbey To Play Coachella

The desert is a magical place-- windswept, desiccated, and majestic.
The Adobe Collective was formed within the landscape of one small corner of the vast Mojave Desert. The project was created by Tim and Faith Chinnock who named it after The Lida Donnell Adobe in 29 Palms, CA, where they lived starting in the summer of 2011. Tim and Faith have been lovers since high school and it is clearly audible in the way their voices meld together-- at times indistinguishable from one-another. Their music is built on vocal harmonies and dynamic desert folk rock arrangements.
Tim first began writing songs as an outlet to the stress of his profession— he is trained as a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics. While his songwriting practice began when the couple was living in San Diego, CA, it reached a new level after moving to the desert. “Between the mud and plaster walls of our adobe home I felt inspired to write.” Tim recalls. “Images and ideas came pouring in almost unbidden, and songs materialized. I realized that I was on to something very meaningful to me. When I asked my wife Faith to add her voice, the songs grew to be an expression of so much more.”
They successfully crowd-funded and released their self-titled debut album in October 2014 on their independent record label Love/Sands Records. The mini-EP entitled WONDERLUST released on their band camp page in August 2015 added a psychedelic edge to their heartfelt lyrics and sound. -

joe sadler